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When Julie Sherman opened the studio in 2007, she wanted to create meaningful designs for brave and inspiring organizations. Over the past decade, Julie has built a small team of talented, kindred spirits. We work collaboratively so that every project benefits from our combined expertise, and we’ve surrounded ourselves with trusted collaborators—writers, printers, web developers, and photographers—who believe in the power of relationships.

Julie Sherman
Founder and Creative Director

Nickname: The Conductor
Soft spots: Italian art, vintage posters, ornamental design
Extra curriculars: kettlebells, parenting, gazing at Instagram

Julie is our founder, fearless leader, and art director. In addition to washing the dishes and running the fortress, Julie curates the vision for every project. She’ll dig deep to understand your goals and provide creative direction to the team.

With a BFA in fine art from Cornell and an MS in communications from Simmons, Julie has more than 20 years experience as a designer and art director.

Jenny Feller
Art Director

Nickname: The Puzzler
Soft spots: national park posters, vintage typography
Extra curriculars: rock climbing, dumpster diving, custom upholstery

Jenny is our puzzle solver. Through brainstorming, inspiration gathering, and concepting, she finds creative ways to answer the toughest design problems and has a knack for staying calm under pressure.

Jenny brings 10 years of professional design experience to our team and has a BFA in illustration from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

Sara Kaminski
Creative Strategist

Nickname: The Thinker
Soft spots: textures found in nature, farmers markets, yarn walls
Extra curriculars: gardening, stargazing, making allergy-friendly treats

Sara asks the why, the where, and the how questions. Her endless curiosity and decades of experience help her cut through the clutter and create solutions that reach and exceed client goals.

Sara has more than twenty years of design experience and a BS in advertising from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

Julie McCarthy

Nickname: The Other Julie
Soft spots: Japanese kawaii, innovative packaging, iconography
Extra curriculars: hiking, reading murder mysteries, jewelry-making

A sketcher & doodler since childhood, Julie M. brings talent, focus, and creativity to every project. Inherently curious and with a meticulous eye, Julie ensures that our designs meet the highest standards of production and polish.

People and pixel smart, Julie M. has a BA in psychology from UMass Amherst and a Graphic Design Certificate from New England School of Art and Design.

AJ Rebecchi
Project Manager

Nickname: The Dude
Soft spots: vintage tattoos, vintage fashion, hand-lettered signs
Extra curriculars: photography, podcasting, Boston sports

AJ keeps the trains on the track. From the moment a project is greenlit until the final design is sent to print, he aims to ensure the best experience for the client and for the team.

In addition to his top-notch design and tech skills, AJ is an excellent photographer, hand sketcher, and people person. He has a BFA in illustration art and design from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Stephen Amelia
Web Development Partner

Studio partner since: 2007
Websites created with J Sherman Studio: 50+ and counting

Stephen Amelia is the founder and president of AGENCY 3.0, a Boston-based website design and development firm. Stephen is a web veteran who has helped hundreds of businesses and nonprofit organizations leverage design and technology to communicate more effectively with their customers and stakeholders. When he isn’t building websites, he’s chasing his two toddlers and trying to be a good dad.

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