Our team

Julie Sherman

Founder and Creative Director

print and digital design, visual identity, creative and art direction, communication, leadership

kettlebells, crafty projects with her kids, searching for design inspiration, learning amigurumi (look it up!), finding new food crazes


I adore the feeling of creating beautiful things. But nothing feels better than doing this while elevating something important. I love making unsung heroes sing.”

In 2007, Julie made a decision to focus her design and art direction talent on doing good. She said goodbye, corporate world and hello, J Sherman Studio. And she hasn’t looked back since.

As our founder and fearless leader, Julie invests deeply in client relationships, supports their business goals, and encourages her team to envision the aesthetic for every project—large or small. She also oversees all Studio work, grows and develops our team, navigates change, and sets direction. She’s one busy woman.

Speaking of women, Julie is proud to run a successful woman-owned and women-led business. She believes in organization and efficiency through process and using tools that ultimately make us better partners and collaborators. She has an insatiable desire to continue to learn, grow, and improve herself and her business.

Julie has a discerning eye and desire to create beautiful, smart and impactful solutions. This is no surprise, given her background in fine art and art history. In fact, studio arts are so important to Julie, she specifically founded her business as a “studio,” not an “agency.”

Julie holds a BFA in fine art from Cornell and an MS in communications from Simmons. As a Newton, MA small business owner for more than a decade, she is embedded in the community and always looking for ways to give back

Micayla Boari


wireframes and web design, print and publication design, email campaigns, event materials

making candles, playing board games, foraging for in-season delights in Northern NH


I love a good puzzle—and designing client’s dream projects are the best ones! It’s the most rewarding experience to strategize and then deliver on all these communication needs.

Micayla designs for transformation. Her wealth of nonprofit experience and perspective make her a beacon of knowledge in our Studio powerhouse. She brings intelligent and progressive creative solutions to the table each and every day.

A delightful nerd at her core, Micayla has a boundless curiosity to dig into the data and visualize with depth. Her use of content hierarchy and clearspace empower her designs to be articulate, clean, and visually stunning.

And her delight doesn’t stop there! You’ll see her playful, fun designs shine in the event materials that she creates. She loves mapping out the venue, thinking about the flow of people and how they are going to find their way. And if you never thought wayfinding was fun, well then you haven’t met Micayla yet!

Micayla studied Communications with a focus in Graphic Design at Simmons College. After college, she volunteered for a year with AmeriCorps and worked on community projects all over the West Coast.

Kate Costa


print and publication design, wireframe and web design, digital graphics, presentation design

block printing, city walks, playing endless rounds of fetch with her dog


There’s something truly magical that happens at the intersection of impact and design. I love creating something that puts a well-deserved spotlight on mission-driven work.”

Kate designs with heart. A passionate environmental and social justice advocate with an extensive nonprofit marketing background, Kate brings a powerful combination of empathy and strategy to every project.

An artist to her very core, Kate has a knack for creating designs that truly come alive—from pencil sketches to pixels. Her bold use of color and eye for structure create more than just stunning layouts. Kate’s designs evoke emotion and move audiences to action.

Her creativity is matched only by her meticulous attention to detail. She’ll stop at nothing to ensure every font, color, and shape is placed with intention. Her work emphasizes clarity and accessibility, always. Plus, she constantly draws on her own experience running a small printmaking business to bring inventive and pragmatic solutions to the table.

Kate’s passion for communicating and designing for important causes was ignited while earning a BA in Environmental Studies and a Certificate in Business Essentials at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Natalia Crosby

Director of Client Services

continuous improvement, strategic planning, cross-functional leadership

upcycling, volunteering, kitchen dance parties, & on a lifelong quest to find the perfect cookie


Relationships matter. We dive deep to understand our clients' goals. And then we meet them.”

Collaborate like nobody’s business and then cut through the noise. That’s Natalia. At her core, she loves meeting new people, learning their needs, and implementing a strategy to make them a reality—a powerful combination when it comes to serving the Studio’s clients.

Natalia is always ready to jump in and learn. And no puzzle is too big for her to curiously work through. A self-described “solution-maker,” Natalia untangles complex business and operational challenges and breaks them into actionable pieces.

She centers empathy and active listening in every communication, and brings a dynamic science-brain/art-brain approach to every client engagement. This approach allows her to seamlessly understand clients’ needs as well as uplift harmony and cohesion. Natalia is especially honored to be doing good work for clients who are doing good.

Natalia holds a BS in textile engineering from the University of Massachusetts. She has spent her career developing, implementing, and perfecting client solutions—from ballistic armor to footwear to web design.

Jenny Feller


print and web design, illustration, visual identity, event design, social media graphics

refinishing furniture, thrifting, rock climbing, hiking


Great design starts with a great process. The Studio has created a unique set of steps that helps both clients and our designers achieve success every single day.”

As a native Newtonian, Jenny is literally our own Jenny from the block! Jenny has been a member of the J Sherman Studio team for more than 10 years. In the past decade she has contributed talent as both a lead designer and an art director for the studio. As a practitioner of orderliness and zen, Jenny brings continuity and calmness to the Studio’s work flow.

Jenny doesn’t shy away from textures, patterns, and colors in her work, often pulling inspiration from a simple brush stroke, a vintage poster, or a recent sunset. And with a knack for creating structure from chaos, you’ll find Jenny slinging every last pixel into place.

Jenny discovered her love for graphic design as a college intern at Philographica Inc. She later went on to design invitations for Paper Source before teaming up with Julie in 2009. She has a BA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Abi Maulion

Design Manager

wireframe and web design, print and publication design, visual identity, environmental graphics, presentation design

experimenting in the kitchen, outdoor running, beach walks, yoga


I love taking a client’s mission and bringing it to life through design. It feels good to spread their message. Making it beautiful is a bonus.”

Abi doesn’t just design websites. She creates a clean, beautiful stage from which our clients’ missions sing. The combination of her incredible design talent and prior experience working in nonprofit communications allows Abi to dig deep into a concept with passion and understanding.

Abi also likes to bring new technical solutions to the table. She’s never met an app redesign she doesn’t like. She loves staying ahead of the curve and will be first in line to learn about the next big thing. But her talent goes way beyond screens. She has wonderful use of structure and grids, a gorgeous sense of color, and strong sense of type hierarchy. All of which means she also creates stunning print designs.

It’s no wonder that after 14 years in communications, Abi’s designs are eye-catching, thoughtful and, above all, effective. Her dedication to client goals and the technical needs of each project shines through her work.

Abi holds a certificate in graphic design from Massachusetts College of Art & Design and a BA in Psychology from UMASS Boston. This must be how she always knows what makes our clients happy.

Julie McCarthy


digital illustration, print and publication design, social media graphics, event design

hiking with her dog, reading mysteries, DIY crafting


Illustration is mesmerizing to me. I like the way the lines come together to form something beautiful. Add a strong concept to the mix and I’m in love.”

Every design sends a message. And Julie’s speak volumes. She brings a humanity and fresh eye to all her design solutions and perfectly captures the story your brand needs to tell. From print to digital to experiential, she can flex her talent across any medium.

Julie’s obsessed with details. In a good way. She leaves no font left unturned and works until every pixel is perfect. Her methodically organized design files are also a nice bonus. She takes great joy in her work and if you’ve never seen her sketch, you’re in for a treat.

Julie learned all these wonderful talents while earning her BA in psychology from UMass Amherst and a Graphic Design Certificate from New England School of Art and Design.

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