Centering Healthcare Institute

Design that speaks to your audience

It was time for this nonprofit to hit refresh. Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI) came to us concerned about its look. Like a lot of nonprofits, CHI hadn’t taken a strategic approach to design, and its materials were sometimes confusing or off-putting for important audiences. We started by unpacking the problem. What we heard was that CHI needed materials that would feel more inclusive and comprehensible for diverse users in high-need communities. It was a visual challenge we were equipped to solve.

The clean, thoughtful pieces we’ve crafted together are audience-friendly and make everyone feel good. We’re especially proud of a 200-page facilitators’ guide and toolkit that healthcare providers are already putting into use. As CHI gears up to expand to more health arenas, they have the foundation they need to communicate with confidence and respect.


  • Brand Identity
  • Package Design
  • Illustrations
  • Brochures
  • Worksheets
  • Flash Cards
  • Infographics
  • Iconography System
  • Trade Show Booth Graphics

Great design communicates

“From the very first project, J Sherman Studio nailed it. I think part of what makes them so good is that they’re excellent communicators. They hear what we’re trying to say, even if we don’t always know ourselves. They’re a joy to work with.”
Marena Burnett, Chief Engagement Officer, Centering Healthcare Institute
“We’re evolving, and our messaging has to reflect that. Thanks to J Sherman Studio, our brand looks cleaner. It’s more modern and relevant. Most importantly, it feels very accessible to all the different audiences we need to reach.”
Marena Burnett, Senior Director of Engagement and Innovation, Centering Healthcare Institute


Centering Healthcare Institute is a non-profit organization that works closely with healthcare providers from all sectors to change healthcare for the better through a group care approach.

Choose common sense over Comic Sans.

Great design makes a difference. Let us show you how.