Global Impact Investing Network

Shaping the future of impact investing

This ambitious start-up was ready to become a global leader. Ten years ago, the GIIN’s founder came to us for help: He was launching a company that he hoped would become a go-to resource for investors seeking to make a positive global impact. He needed to show from day one that the GIIN was a credible organization that savvy investors could trust. He knew design would play a big part.

Today, the GIIN is a well-respected thought leader in the investment industry, and we’re proud of the part J Sherman Studio played. We crafted a strong brand and accessible, data-rich materials helped GIIN makes a name for itself among tough critics. These days, we team up on 10 or more major projects each year. We’re impressed with how far the organization has come and thrilled to be a partner as the GIIN continues to evolve and make a difference world-wide.


Brand Identity
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Great design generates credibility.

“We needed to signal to our audience—financial institutions and investors—that we are the type of organization that you’re going to want to work with. J Sherman Studio crafted a look and feel that made us look established, polished, professional, and credible.”
Amy S., Global Impact Investing Network
“The design decisions J Sherman Studio made early on have sustained themselves over time. A designer that can stay with an organization over the years—especially when there’s been a major refresh—that’s really quite special.”
Amy S., Global Impact Investing Network


The Global Impact Investing Network is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing around the world, helping investors make smart choices that generate social and environmental good alongside a financial return.

Choose common sense over Comic Sans.

Great design makes a difference. Let us show you how.