Shelterbelt Farm

Style meets substance

We eat with our eyes. That’s what Erica Frenay has learned. When her family-run farm expanded, she needed help with visibility. Tastewise, Shelterbelt Farm’s quality products spoke for themselves, but how could she get new customers to try them?

Enter J Sherman Studio. We began by helping Erica articulate what sets Shelterbelt Farm apart. A labor of love, Erica and her husband grew their “farm-lab” to test big ideas about green living and regenerative agriculture while feeding their local community. They needed a look that would be both cutting-edge and organic, vibrant and deeply honest. A fun challenge! For Shelterbelt’s logo and product labels, we’ve applied our own best ingredients, combining modern typography and unexpected colors with rustic textures and hand-drawn illustration. Animal silhouettes speak (without fuss) to the all-natural ingredients inside.

Erica’s upfront design investment has paid off manifold as she brings her products to new markets. Customers often tell her that the inviting labels are what initially got their attention. And, of course, after one bite, they remain hooked.


Branding Identity
Logo Design
Product Labels

Great design uses quality ingredients

“Once people have tried it, my products speak for themselves. They can taste that there’s quality. But to get people to take that first bite, it’s really helpful to have labels that are beautiful and make them want to buy.”
Erica Frenay, Co-Founder, Shelterbelt Farm
“When J Sherman Studio designs a new label, it’s a one-time investment. I’ll be using that label for years. It will just keep paying dividends over and over again.”
Erica Frenay, Co-Founder, Shelterbelt Farm


Located in the scenic rolling hills of Caroline, NY, Shelterbelt Farm is a family-run business that produces delicious, healthful foods with methods that enrich the environment and community.

Choose common sense over Comic Sans.

Great design makes a difference. Let us show you how.