Social Innovation Forum

Building a brand from Day 1 to Day 10,000

We knew them when. Today, the Social Innovation Forum (SIF) is a trusted convener of Greater Boston’s nonprofit and philanthropic communities. We met when SIF was still a fledgling program within its parent nonprofit (and we were a newly hatched studio!). The team was small then, green in many ways, and deeply committed to creating lasting social change. We loved their scrappiness and big vision. We played a mentoring role early on, helping SIF build a brand that conveyed their complex mission clearly and with visual impact.

Our partnership keeps getting better. Those first branding elements helped the SIF team get a solid handle on how they wanted to be seen. Over time, as their network has multiplied and footprint expanded, we’ve evolved their branding to match. These days we feel like part of the SIF team. We remain a close partner in communications, helping to elevate SIF’s big vision across everything they do.


Annual reports
Brand guidelines
Logo & palette
Social media graphics
Website graphics
Letterhead & business cards
Showcase booklet

Great design stands the test of time

“We didn’t know where to start, and we had a million balls in the air. Julie slowed us down and helped us think through what materials we needed first and how we could create a brand that would have a long shelf life. She met us where we were and pushed us to think about who we wanted to be.”
Anna Trieschmann, Founding Staff Member
“Working with J Sherman Studio is like working with an old friend. The relationship gets stronger and the products get better with each successive year because of the depth of knowledge they’ve accumulated about our work.”
Melissa Duggan, Director of Strategy & Operations


The Social Innovation Forum connects high-potential nonprofits with investors and supporters who can help get them to the next stage of impact.

Choose common sense over Comic Sans.

Great design makes a difference. Let us show you how.